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Why a Coach?


  •   You might think a coach or personal trainer is a luxury. The reason we exist is because smart people know their limitations. Workouts are work. Adopting new habits takes commitment. How many promises do we make ourselves that end up New Year's resolutions? It's hard to do it alone. And that's why coaching - from exercise nutrition to business to relationships and dating - is an in-demand profession. Coaches aren't a luxury, but a powerful tool for achievement. And not all coaches are created equal.    MORE  

Why 'Life Habit'?


  • The English poet, John Dryden said, “We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.” Wiser words are hard to find. The more our habits "make us" over time, the more resistant they are when we try to break them. MORE  

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Why Precision Nutrition?


  • Precision Nutrition helps people transform their lives through expert coaching, peer support, and daily guided mentoring. Where diet books and cookie-cutter training plans fail, Precision Nutrition thrives. MORE

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