Why Life Habit?


It Works!

After decades of doing things the same way, lasting change doesn't happen over night. It doesn't come in a week or a month. That's why so many diet and exercise programs fail. There are no 'get rich quick' schemes when it comes to life change. What I coach is not a diet and exercise program; I coach the person undergoing an ongoing training regimen to lose weight, or run a marathon, or walk a mile with your grandchildren; it's a detailed, personalized plan for you to realize dramatic, life-changing results for a happier, healthier You. And it starts with a chat. 

Here's a testimonial from one of my clients: "I would recommend ProCoach for anyone that has been struggling with eating mindfully. I have tried a lot of weight loss programs with some success but eventually return to old habits. This program gets underneath these old eating habits, replacing them with new ones that I expect will eventually become as easy as brushing my teeth each morning." Donna H. 

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