Why I Work with the Pn Program


Expert Guidance, Proven System, Zero Guesswork

In 2003, Dr. John Berardi and Phil Caravaggio came together and began the process of creating Precision Nutrition, a research-driven, web-based coaching community designed to teach a nutrition system that’s guaranteed to get results. Over the last 14 years, elite Precision Nutrition coaches have helped nearly 50,000 men and women lose over a million pounds of body fat and lead healthier lives.

Precision Nutrition teaches its professionals to approach coaching by first listening to their clients' needs and what it is they want to accomplish, learning how they live, discovering what’s really important to them, and working together to create the right nutrition and and exercise approach based on their goals and lifestyle. Pn coaches assist their clients by coaching them through the process.

Today, Precision Nutrition is the largest – and most respected – private nutrition coaching company in the world. Fitness experts, health professionals, and superstar athletes all look to Pn for advice. Pn certified coaches are the go-to source in the fitness industry.